Why Christian Hip-Hop/ Hip-Hop by Christians is Important to Me.

Because it’s a living picture of artists taking the risk and using what they know is their gift from God. Rap, in essence, is storytelling and the honor code of rap is that you can only rap about something that you know about. The Gospel can’t be faked (well, shouldn’t be).

Hip-hop, as a movement at the infancy of its mainstreaming, was(is) also about liberation and pulling back the veil with honesty.

As an artist who is still coming to terms with my own gifts, it’s been a helpful phenomenon to witness. These guys are mutants in their own element, tasked with bringing the Truth in a genre engorged with ruthless materialism. Psalm 2:1

Hip-hop and it’s instructions fed my womanhood with lies and misconceptions about relationships. It sent a message about my value and identity as a woman of color living in the city.

But let’s call it what it is: sin.

I don’t shirk my responsibility for my choices in my teenage years and young adulthood, but I believe that I am not alone in seeing how the repetitive messages from saddened and vain rap lyrics made a deeper impression on my soul than I realized. Proverbs 23:1-4

Now, I feel blessed that the Lord has given me a new love to enjoy and explore from music that bumps the blessin’s that I know to be true and real, just as the pavement and work week that I face. I don’t need to compartmentalize a portion of my musical identity from the precious, vibrant life that I have in Christ. Colossians 1:17

Thank you to the artists, sound and music engineers and crews that are behind the redemptive movement of our sound culture. I put my earbuds on and  now I can be relieved. Romans 12:1-2

An Issues Queen without a Crown

Sistah, Sistah,

I’m sure that choice to blow him up over text

Was wise -Now you checkin your phone every three seconds

Addicted to little red light

To see if he said something back

Man, I wish you was that

Ready when the boss books and church service

Come calling, for your attention

Instead, you battle ready for this dude, to get the last word in

You rah-rah righteous bandwagon on the feminists

Programmed to complain ‘bout how these men cant keep up

Excuse me, single lady, 2 checks from going broke,

You’re a statistic with nice make-up

Who u think u’re preaching to

With all the regret that you carry?

Remember, you took the ring off

And tried to learn me

you’re proudly divorced

doesn’t mean you were married

Rather be young, warm and hopeful than experienced, bitter and cold

Sistah sistah, now u stressing

Your issues gettin’ old

Because even your wild and ugly friends are spoken for

Whats the problem?

Clothes, a car, a job – you been a lady and  a whore

Aren’t you the whole package but no one’s trying to lock it down?

Must be them, can’t be you

An issues queen without a crown

Sistah sistah

Yea I get it

Theres always something wrong with them out there

Babydaddy’s got too much and single men know too little

None of them can keep up with your riddles

You go to work and vent your worth

Complaining omg on ur facebook

Post a picture with ur titties out

Talking ‘bout u got a “new look”

Get the kids in some these fotos

They make it look wholesome

That’s all right, it’s the new online you

Even ho’s deserve redemption

Sistah sistah

Been two hours and this good-for-nothing dude

Is not responding to your tantrum

And your pride wont say im sorry

Psshh, he triflin’

he  two seconds from getg deleted

It’s whatever, he aint sh@@ but

You didn’t really mean it.

So the next time you start puffin up, heated

rough temper Static texting on this dude

talking about, ” I don’t need him”

I can be ur friend or be real:

Sistah Sistah, yes you do.