Space, this is how I want to fall in love.

Space, this is how I want to fall in love.

I want
Utter closeness and respect, a safe assurance, and a trusted feeling of acceptance, rested in permanence.

I want
the sensation of new tradition, international beauty, mosaic art and century-old wood.

I want
the seduction of craftsmanship, the eroticism of a cal-king, the commitment of a waterfront view and the affection of dimmed lighting.

I want
the morning flirtation of rain showers, clapping music of tropical drops on elephant leaves.

I want
the contradiction of sand between my toes and the mediation of a coastal breeze on my back.

I’ll stand between the warmth and history of white stones
And pay my homage with shuffled steps of fine gravel, glittered walkways.

I’ll eavesdrop on murmurs of fountains
And gossip in the evenings behind the candlelight.

I will sleep with Adventure beside me
And dream of another day that is solved in this Space.

Space, this is how I want to fall in love.

A Loving Home

           a loving home
 where energy is protected
 streaming acts of kindess
 where we feel we could get help
 where the mind clears
       the body rests, works,
 extends, explores
 souls are energized
 hearts are mended
              fixtures are new and pleasing
 food is cooked wholesome
              served with care
 cleaning is a form of meditation
 organizing is easy and fluid
prayer is second nature – fervent and effortless
 forgiveness isn’t a chore
 cheering and creativity are rampant
 emotion is jubilant through original songs
trained to host the wounded & confused
 select random adventures to enjoy the night sky
           industrious and forceful in the
 the business and busyness of love.
 wooden “aloha” sign above your head
 “welcome” mat of sea grass at your feet
 Come inside, Beloved.
 Build this home.
“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.” Proverbs 31:27